Major Issues Requiring Security Alarm Maintenance in Banstead

If you are experiencing problems with burglar alarms running out of power or being set off for no reason at your Banstead property, our security alarm maintenance services resolve major faults with security alarms. The experts at our Constructionline and NSI-approved security company repair and replace old alarms with new wireless, monitored and CCTV systems for ultimate protection.


Top 4 Reasons for Faulty Security and Burglar Alarms


1. Dead Internal Battery


Home and business owners with security alarms which are more than 5-years-old can suffer from run down internal batteries. This can happen with wired burglar alarms that haven’t been serviced for a while. Dead batteries can cause the amp connected to the trickle charger on the circuit board to blow too. If this happens, the battery cannot be recharged. Our security company technicians check the condition of burglar alarms by testing the battery with a multi-meter.


We can replace older units with new wired or wireless security alarms, as part of our security alarm maintenance package. We also advise Banstead clients on the cost-effective benefits of CCTV systems and police monitored burglar alarms to better protect their property.


2. Security Alarms Sounding for No Reason


‘Bells-only’ burglar alarms have a personal attack circuit which runs through a micro switch. The micro switch can cause an open circuit to occur in the loop, which sets off the audio alert for security alarms. This can also happen if there is a fault with the tamper switch.


A security company like us will remedy the wiring issue or upgrade units with reliable, major-branded burglar alarms. These benefit Banstead clients if monitored alarms are set off due to accidents or faults. Additional CCTV footage helps monitoring staff and the police to visually check for signs of unlawful entry, instead of responding to a false alarm.


3. Weather Damage


Security alarms which are mounted on the wall of your Banstead property suffer from exposure to the elements, including extreme weather damage. Modern security burglar alarms are designed to withstand the effects of damp or water ingress by encasing the circuit board in plastic.


Like open circuits, weathering can cause security alarms to emit sound for no reason. The unit will need to be reset, which can be carried out by security alarm maintenance professionals.


4. Blown Fuses


If burglar alarms run out of power this can be the result of blown fuses connected to the circuit boards. The condition of internal 1.2-amp fuses can be regularly checked by our security company experts and resolved in an efficient manner.


Specialised Services


Our security company provides Banstead clients with an emergency security alarm maintenance service. This allows us to visit homes and businesses to resolve issues, without having to attempt a quick fix yourself.


At Vigilant Security Systems, we specialise in supplying and installing CCTV security alarms at Banstead properties with NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs). This offers 24/7 monitoring to alert the police of any criminal activity.

To replace old burglar alarms or to arrange security alarm maintenance at your Banstead property, call 01883 332 955.



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