Choosing the Right Burglar Alarms in Caterham

The security company team provides free advice for domestic and commercial clients in Caterham, including help with selecting ideal burglar alarms. The type of security alarms we recommend are based on your property and the level of protection you require. This can range from ‘bells-only’ burglar alarms, to additional CCTV systems. Whatever model you choose, we guarantee to supply major-branded units, carry out installations and offer security alarm maintenance to keep it in perfect condition.


Main Types of Burglar and Security Alarms


1. ‘Bells-Only’ Burglar Alarms – Caterham clients benefit from a ‘bells-only’ or ringer alarm to deter thieves. These external security alarms make loud, high-pitched sounds for approximately 20 minutes. Whereas the internal alarm continues to sound until the system is reset or switched off. A security company installs ‘bells-only’ burglar alarms at low-risk properties. This includes venues with restricted access and invaluable contents. Security alarms without CCTV or monitored systems won’t alert the police, unless there is evidence that a crime has been committed.


2. Monitored Security Alarms – A security company like us provides remote monitoring for domestic and commercial clients in Caterham. A dedicated team at NSI-approved Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) monitor the signals received from burglar alarms. These are connected using high-quality solutions like BT Redcare. With the help of CCTV equipment, any break in alarms will be recorded by the remote monitoring team who alert the keyholder or police to respond. Our security alarm maintenance service ensures all CCTV and monitored security alarms are functioning properly.


3. Fake or ‘Dummy’ Burglar Alarms – The appearance of a security alarm may prevent opportunist thieves or trespassers; however, genuine and cost-effective alarms are highly recommended. Not only can ‘dummy’ burglar alarms look fake, they can affect your home insurance policy.


4. Wireless and Wired Burglar Alarms – Our security company technicians are skilled at installing wired and wireless burglar alarms. We ensure wires are safely hidden to prevent wear and tampering. Whereas wireless, battery-powered security alarms are quicker and cheaper to install at any Caterham property, with little security alarm maintenance required.


Home Insurance and Security Alarms


The team at Vigilant Security Systems Ltd are proficient at helping home and business owners in Caterham to gain a discounted insurance premium. The level of security you have installed, including monitored burglar alarms and CCTV systems installed by a professional security company, will benefit your policy. Once insurers have assessed that the property is sufficiently protected against trespassers and vandals, this will lower the insurance premium cost.


To avoid your home insurance policy being invalidated, remember to keep security alarms on when your Caterham property is left vacant. We advise that clients check their contract to schedule security alarm maintenance and periodic servicing, which is often a policy requirement.


Insurance providers also stipulate that security alarms or CCTV systems need to be managed by an accredited organisation. Our NSI-approved security company complies the British Standards Institution (BSI) and Intruder and Hold-Up Alarm Systems (I&HAS), which meet PD 6662 regulations and the British and European Standards (BS EN 50131).

For more help choosing new burglar alarms or to arrange security alarm maintenance at your Caterham or nearby property, call 01883 332 955.



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