Advantages of Protecting Properties with CCTV in Oxted

Our security company installs Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems with burglar alarms for Oxted clients, to record high-quality footage in the event of a break in. These systems are monitored by National Security Inspectorate (NSI) technicians who automatically alert clients and police of illegal activity. The team at Vigilant Security Systems Ltd highly recommend security alarms which incorporate CCTV units for optimal protection. We ensure they remain fully functional with regular security alarm maintenance, to deliver the many benefits CCTV systems offer.


CCTV System Benefits


1. Criminal Deterrence


Aside from monitoring and recording the daily activity at your Oxted property, CCTV systems effectively deter thieves and vandals due to their presence. Security alarms, including ‘bells-only’ and monitored burglar alarms, work in conjunction with CCTV equipment to protect your premises. Whereas video cameras alone are likely to put off criminals from attempting a break in.


2. Reliable Evidence


If Oxted clients experience a break in or theft, CCTV systems provide irrefutable evidence for criminal investigations. Police use CCTV footage as photographic evidence, which can identify criminals from high-quality images. Security alarms with CCTV systems monitored by a NSI Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) quickly confirms a crime is being committed for a prompt police response. Our reliable security alarm maintenance services keep CCTV and burglar alarms operating as they should.


3. Insurance Claims and Discounts


A security company like us helps home and business owners in Oxted with reduced costs for their property insurance. Professionally installed CCTV systems and security alarms produce a lower risk of theft or damage to your property, which is reflected in a lower insurance premium. Insurers will check that CCTV equipment and monitored burglar alarms have been properly fitted and connected to comply with your policy. Insurers also require regular servicing and security alarm maintenance to keep security alarms and systems in top condition. If homes or offices are not left secured, an insurance provider can reject your claim.


4. Peace of Mind


Cameras and recording equipment provides an assurance to domestic and commercial clients, especially if there is a high crime rate in the Oxted area. The presence of cameras and robust security alarms deter trespassers from carrying out illegal activity on your premises. Our security company uses state-of-the-art technology, with burglar alarms supplied by major manufacturers. These products include wireless CCTV models and NSI monitored burglar alarms, which are accessible by the police too.


5. Ease of Use


You can rely on our security company technicians to offer expert advice on operating security alarms and systems, keeping your property secure when left unattended. CCTV and burglar alarms are available at affordable prices and are fitted by our experts on your behalf. We’ll guide you through the set-up process, including how to activate monitored units which are linked to a NSI Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Any issues can be fixed by our dedicated security alarm maintenance team.


The products we supply to Oxted clients are modern and easy to control, with a mobile app available for most models. Clients can monitor their property via their smartphone or tablet and watch live CCTV footage.

To find out more about CCTV installations or security alarm maintenance at your property in Oxted, call 01883 332 955.



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